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Equality, diversity and inclusion

Everyone thrives in an inclusive working environment. Learn how to create a culture that prioritises inclusion and trust and empowers everyone to reach their potential.

Accredited Programme

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Evidence based

Perfect for:

EDI practitioner
EDI manager
People Managers
HR managers

You’ll learn how to:

  • identify and overcome your organisation's equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) challenges
  • build EDI capability in leaders and managers
  • create a roadmap for an effective EDI plan.

About this course

Course length: 50-70 hours, final assessment to be submitted within 10 months

Delivery: Online self-directed

Suitable for: HR practitioners and EDI specialists

Topics covered

  • defining opportunities and challenges
  • building a culture of trust
  • driving change in people policies and practices
  • increasing workforce representation
  • building leaders’ and managers’ capability
  • leveraging data for EDI
  • creating sustainable change through EDI plans.

What to expect from the ‘equality, diversity and inclusion’ accredited programme

This CIPD diversity and inclusion course will ensure you stay up to date with best practice, the ever-evolving area of EDI and the changing needs of workplaces and the people profession.

The CIPD has developed this accredited programme in collaboration with the NHS. It is written by consultant Ash Ahmad and features input from NHS England and global industry experts. Each module challenges you to reflect on your current approach to the topic and build the confidence and skills to apply learning to your context.

What you’ll need to do on this CIPD diversity and inclusion accreditation programme

You can complete this learning programme in your own time and at your own pace. It should take around 60 hours.

Your final assessment will be a 2,500-word evaluative review covering your reflections on your practice and how you’ve applied learning in your context. The final assessment needs to be submitted within 10 months of purchasing the course.

What you’ll get on the ‘equality, diversity and inclusion’ accredited programme

If successfully completed, you’ll receive a certificate noting your achievement of this CIPD accredited programme.

You’ll have the chance to resit the assessment for an additional fee.

Taking part in this course gives you access to the CIPD Learning Hub for 12 months. Here, you can access your course content together with other valuable resources and tools. When you finish your course, you can enjoy an additional 12 months of access to other resources on the Learning Hub.

You’ll also get access to a learning community of like-minded professionals to share experiences and deepen your skills and knowledge once the programme has finished.

Who is this programme suitable for?

This CIPD diversity and inclusion in the workplace programme is for practitioners or specialists ready to deepen their EDI capability and deliver sustainable change.

Our accredited programmes are in-depth and require a solid understanding of the topic. Please read the following statements to confirm your suitability.

  • You currently work in this profession or area of work or have recently done so and will be able to refer to current or past work examples during your learning.
  • You can write an assessment answer reflecting on your learning and demonstrating how to apply it in your context.
  • You can use English at the IELTS level 6 “Competent user” or above.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the ‘equality, diversity and inclusion’ accredited programme, you’ll be able to:

  • explain common challenges organisations face, the impact they have and key actions to overcome them
  • understand why psychological safety, allyship, and a culture of trust are essential – and how to achieve them
  • explain how people practices can create an inclusive work environment
  • understand how local communities impact the business – and vice-versa
  • explain why workforce representation is key to business success and identify the challenges in achieving this
  • explain how managers and leaders are fundamental in creating an inclusive work environment
  • explain why data is essential in addressing workplace inequality – and learn how to use it
  • define how to build an EDI plan, create an action plan, and achieve EDI goals.

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