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Insights Focused Introductory Programme

Develop the core behaviour of being insights focused to achieve positive outcomes in your role.


4-6 hours

Online self-directed

Introductory Programme

Free for CIPD members and Core Learning Subscribers.

This course is one of our eight Core Behaviours Introductory Programmes, which aim to provide you with the defining behaviours of our profession.

As people professionals, we need to adopt a disciplined approach to understanding and diagnosing problems, and then use a range of evidence to develop people insights and solutions.

Through cutting-edge learning content, this course will explore your role in developing insights, and solutions based on these insights. It will help you to ask the right type of questions, determine the quality and relevance of evidence, and identify the cause of any issues, as well as any successes, so you can make evidence-based decisions.

Throughout the course, you’ll be encouraged to take part in reflective activities to help embed your learning into your day-to-day practice. You can also access a community of peers where you can share knowledge and experience with others, whilst developing connections.

This course will bring to life the importance of being insights focused and aims to provide you with the behaviours you need to make evidence-based decisions.

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This course is relevant and challenging for all people practitioners, at whatever stage of their career journey. You’ll be an HR, L&D or OD practitioner looking to develop the behaviours required to make evidence-based decisions and create value in your organisation.

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