Talent Acquisition Strategies

Identify and develop their future leaders allowing them to create advantages for the business.


2 days

Online class


Many organisations will invest heavily in their talent acquisition practices. The premise is it will help them to identify and develop their future leaders allowing them to create advantages for the business.

First and foremost, organisations must first understand the forces that impact the business and its talent pool, then align their talent strategies accordingly.

How can organisations ensure they are competitive in their talent acquisition strategies? The ability to attract external talent depends upon how potential applicants view the organisation, the industry or sector in which it operates and whether they share the organisation’s values. Creating an attractive employer brand and employee value proposition is an important factor in recruiting and retaining talent.

Talent identification involves the assessment of performance and potential and creating a strong talent pool. Business critical roles must be identified first – these are leadership and specialist roles that, if unfilled for any length of time, could leave the organisation vulnerable.

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In this course you will develop your skills in:

  • Gain insights on the impact and affect of internal and external forces on the business and on talent strategies
  • Be able to apply business planning tools such as PESTLE and McKinsey’s 7 S’s to talent management context
  • Understand the business drivers for talent strategies (such as war for talent and L&D) and critically assess how they implicate the business
  • Outline the talent acquisition process and recommend improvements areas to existing practices
  • Explore the methods for talent attraction including the power of employer brand and employee value proposition
  • Apply tools such as the Talent Grid to identify talent and understand what potential means and what the indicators are for it


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This course is recommended for all HR practitioners involved in Talent Acquisition activities in their organisation, or those interested in how they can support and contribute to Talent Acquisition activities.

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